Hospital Furniture

Hospital furniture is an indispensable part of any healthcare facility and it comprises a wide range of furniture ranging from examination tables to surgery tables, patient beds, chairs and patient waiting room furniture.

Hospital furniture helps healthcare facilities such a way that hospital, clinics and medical centers can provide the best possible medical services with highest safety and comfort to both healthcare staff as well as patients. Technological advancements have made it possible to serve the patients in best possible way and in comfort.

Regal Furniture is proving best quality ergonomic medical furniture in Bangladesh. Regal Furniture has gained trust of its valuable customers by delivering the best quality medical/ hospital furniture made of latest technology. Support is constantly developing and bringing the latest hospital furniture to serve the needs of Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centers, Healthcare Centers and Diagnostics Centers. We are always true to our promise to provide best quality medical furniture within best price.

Our hospital furniture includes ICU Bed, Cabin Bed, Hospital Trolley, Isolation Screen, Saline Stand, Cabinets & Lockers, Waste Bin, Waiting Chairs etc. We also provide other related furniture upon customer demand and requirement.

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